Black Cat Appreciation Day

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Many things may come to your mind when someone mentions a black cat and some of these things are not all nice. Black cats have been associated with bad luck and many other superstitious happenings. It is a common myth that if a black cat crosses your path when you are going out, then you will surely have trouble handling your affairs that day. These are among some common reasons why people are not eager to adopt black cats. These myths have taken deep roots in our society, and it’s about time we bust these superstitions and give these cats the love and appreciation we give to all other cats and treat them like we gladly treat other cats.

Why We Need A Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black cats were not always treated as outcasts by society. In Celtic mythology, black cats were considered fairies. They believed that fairies took the form of black cats, and hence, whenever a black cat was seen in a village, it was deemed as a sign of good luck. Then the pilgrims that came after them changed the entire mindset of people at that time. They were extremely religious, and they were fearful of things that were even slightly linked to their ancestor’s pagan belief system. It was because of their beliefs that black cats went from being considered fairies to being considered as demons and witches. It was during this era that the killing of black cats started and the punishment of those who kept them as pets.

However, not everyone considers black cats as bringers of bad luck. Many communities around the world hail them as bringers of good fortune; some consider a visit from a black cat as a sign of prosperity, and for some, romance. It is even said that in many parts of the world, people worship black cats.
Today, even though black cats are no longer considered as witches or demons, many people still believe that they are a sign of bad luck, and many don’t get adopted. For this reason, it is necessary to give black cats their own special day and to honor them on Black Cat Appreciation Day. The color of a cat’s fur cannot bring good or bad luck and black cats are anything but bringers of bad luck.
Black Cat Appreciation Day
Black Cat Appreciation Day is celebrated on August 17, 2020, and we, feline lovers, could not be happier. Although we shouldn’t need a particular day of the year to appreciate black cats, we can use this day as an opportunity to create awareness about the importance of adopting black cats. Thus, Black Cat Appreciation Day is about changing our deeply engrained superstitious beliefs about black cats and remembering that they deserve a furever home, too. We all love cats and most of us love the color black, so why not adopt a black cat? 😸
How To Spend This Day
How can we celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day? Firstly, if you have a black cat, treat your cat extra nice on this day and buy her some of her favorite treats and toys. You can also spend more time with your black cat than you usually do, which can include more playtime! For those who do not have a black cat at home, adopt one (or two) from a shelter. Give a black cat a home and bust the myths about them and help others do the same. Black cats are the least likely to be adopted and spend most of their lives in shelters. Lastly, if your family and friends are not supportive of keeping a black cat as a pet, then try to counsel them about its importance and the impact it would have on a black cats’ life.
Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!


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