Black Cat Awareness Month: Celebrating The Beauty Of The Most Majestic Felines To Roam This Earth

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Do you know the infamous notion that black cats represent misfortune, bad luck, and are symbols of witchcraft and black magic? It’s time to throw that idea out of the window.

Because black cats are purrfectly normal. In fact, they are quite exquisite and elegant and do not bring bad luck to you in any way, thank you very much, your opinion stating otherwise is irrelevant and claw-ful.

(If you hate black cats, YOU might be the witch that no one wants to be around!)

Because not only are the myths associated with them ABSOLUTE BALONEY, but they also have severe consequences. Many surveys revealed that black cats are often overlooked when people come to adopt kitties from shelter homes. And these black beauties face higher rates of euthanization and animal cruelty.

So to fight back against this frankly obnoxious—we used fancy words to say “stupid” — perception of black cats and raise awareness about the low rates of black cat adoption, Black Cat Awareness Day was launched by an animal charity in the United Kingdom.

In honor of this day, the 27th October every year, we aspire to help get these dark-colored furballs to get recognized for their completely harmless nature and their charismatic beauty.

Let’s dig into a bit of history to find out more about these iconic felines and the omens they carry. Shall we? Fair warning: prepare to get your mind blown.

 The Hiss-tory of Black Cats

You’d be surprised to know that black cats weren’t always associated with this image. In ancient times, the Egyptians depicted their goddesses as black cats. (pretty cool, huh?) Well, cats ARE elegant and we’re just jealous.

Celtic mythology also revered them as fairies in cat-form—they certainly have that charm. Even today, some cultures respect them as symbols of prosperity.

So when did everything go wrong? During the Spanish Inquisition, certain members of the Catholic church alleged that evil witches take the form of shape-shifting black cats. One frankly obnoxious (you already know what that means *wink*) thought led to another. And black cats started getting associated with bad fortune. So much that it became a common practice to abandon them, harm them, and even by some superstitious villagers, to burn them alive. I repeat, BURN THEM ALIVE.

Thankfully, no one believes in this twaddle anymore. But the myths and superstitions are still present and black cats are STILL subject to cruelty. Especially during the Halloween season by idiotic pranksters who think they’re funny but are actually the worst!

 (Make sure to look out for the street and your own black cats these days!)

In many countries of South Asia, Latin America and Eastern Africa, if a black cat crosses your path, it’s said to be a bad omen. National Black Cat Day will eliminate these stigmas, dispel these myths, and encourage people to see these mystifying felines for their natural strength, sensuality, and elegance.

This day serves as a great reminder for us to raise awareness about the low adoption rates for black cats and make sure that these kitties find a loving home that they deserve as much as their white and brown furr-ends. 


How To Celebrate Black Cat Awareness Month

The best way to celebrate Black Cat Awareness month? Adopt a black cat!

If you are looking to adopt a cute black furball, now is the perfect time to do just this. And in all honesty, black cats are a pawsome option. There are millions of healthy, ready-to-adopt black-furred cats and kittens just waiting to get into your warm, cozy homes (and lives).

Don’t like bathing your cats? Black cats always look clean, glossy and they are known to go with everything... Your home, your wardrobe, and your purr-sonality. Go to your local shelter—don’t buy them from pet stores which get them from cruel kitten mills!!!—and get yourself a black beauty right meow!

And if you can’t adopt a cat due to money issues, allergies, time constraints, or any other reasons, that doesn’t mean that you can’t help! Consider fostering, making a small donation to your local shelter, rescue house, or animal protection organizations and play a part in helping numerous felines. You’ll feel it in your heart when your money improves a kitten’s life.

If you are a cat-owner, especially the fur-tunate owner of a black one, today is the day to make your catto baby feel extra special. Get them a new toy. Like this Fun And Educational Cat Puzzle Exercise Toy. Or a bunch of toys. Or maybe a big fat heap of toys? Or treat her to this Soft Cat Sleeping Bed . Spend your day just playing, relaxing and cuddling with them. Or treat yourself to a Cute Black Kitty Halloween Tee .

You can also appreciate their beauty by posting about them on social media with the #BlackCatDay hashtag. To end this article which is written by a suspicious shape-shifting black cat, here’s a quote by someone who knows what they’re doing:

 "A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere."

-Groucho Marx


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