Celebrating International Cat Day

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August 8, 2020, is International Cat Day. This is a day that people get to celebrate one of the amazing pets and animals in this world - cats. In some parts of the world, cats are seen as gods. Cats are inquisitive, independent, playful, and have amazing personalities. It is fantastic that there is a day to celebrate these wonderful animals.

International Cat Day History

Cats are small but full of personality. They have been pets since ancient times. The first cat recorded in history was in the culture of Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Many people still relate all cats to Egypt. This is mostly due to cats being considered as gods. Mafdet was named as the 1st cat deity. People thought that this cat would protect against scorpions, snakes, and other evils.

 As the Egyptian Dynasty fell, cats became considered in many different ways. The Romans and Greeks would use cats to get rid of pests. In the Eastern portions of the world, wealthy people would own cats. However, in the Middle Ages, throughout Europe, cats were said to have diseases and people had superstitions about them. Throughout America, cats were thought to minimize diseases and vermin. In modern society, cats are pets in many households. Since 2002, cats have their very own holiday - International Cat Day.

Ways to Celebrate International Cat Day

If you are interested in celebrating International Cat Day, there are numerous ways that you can do this.

One of the things that you can do is to adopt a kitten or a cat. You can do this by contacting your local animal shelters, as there are almost always cats that need to be fostered or adopted.

If you have cats roaming your neighborhood, you can always feed them. In addition, if you already own a kitten or a cat, you can spoil them. You can do this by playing with them more than you usually do, cuddling with them, feeding them treats, or buying them new toys.

You could even choose to volunteer at your local animal shelter to help care for the kittens and cats that they have there. These cats need someone to show them love and attention until they get adopted. Maybe you aren’t in the proper situation to be able to adopt a cat, but you could volunteer to play with them at the shelter.


The majority of cats are very affectionate and have great personalities. While some people see cats as being lazy pets, the truth is that they usually love to play and cuddle. Many cats will give their owners hugs and even kisses. They will loudly purr with contentment and excitement. However, if you have a cat that is more uncomfortable with touching and cuddling, you can get them some new toys they can play with. Your cat may also want a new buddy to play with. Getting a new kitten or cat could be just what your other cat and you need on International Cat Day.


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