Celebrating September - Happy Cat Meownth

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5 Purrfect Ways To Make Your Cat Feel Loved This Month

WARNING: The following article might ignite your love for cats!!!


This is for all the cat lovers out there: humans enjoy all of December celebrating Christmas. So, why shouldn’t all of September be spent in celebrating the awesomeness and love of your furry little friends? After all, It’s still Happy Cat Month and you are bound to pamper your cat more than you usually do. There are many ways to celebrate this month, but let’s scratch our way into five ways to make this happy cat month wholesome, memorable, and pawsome for both you and your cat. (Can’t have enough cat puns!)

1.     Give Them ALL Your Attention

Contrary to popular belief, cats prefer human contact and attention over toys, treats, ruining sofas AND doing nothing all day. Many studies have proven that even if they don’t show it, cats are sensitive to human emotions and form strong bonds with their owners. Don’t fall for your cats’ RBF, they still love you! So if you’ve been super busy lately and haven’t been able to take out some quality time for your cat—or cats—now is the purrfect time to do it. Plan a trip or a roadside stroll, teach them tricks, flirt with them, play with them, make them feel loved and cared for. But most importantly, cuddle them and let them sleep all over your lap.

Disclaimer: Do not overdo it with physical affection! Cats have strict boundaries and you need to give them space every now and then.

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” – Ernest Hemingway

1.   Cat Merch!

If your apartment doesn’t look like it belongs to a crazy cat lady then are you even a cat person? It’s time to give your home over to your cat for a makeover. Because let’s face it…your cat is your home’s REAL owner and you’re just someone staying over.

 It’s high time that you spice up your home décor and give your cat a nice surprise. Get some pet wall art: these Lovely Nordic Style Cat Paintings are the purrfect addition to your cat-friendly space and spirit. Apart from being a fascinating gift for your cat, these paintings will let you bond with other cat enthusiasts who visit your place.

 TIME SENSITIVE: This month is a good time to gift cat-friendly merch to your feline-loving friends. If you are unsure about what to get, check out this awesome Galaxy Cat Women's Turtleneck Face Mask Top.

1.   Treats? (YES, But Healthy Cat=Happy Cat)

I know it’s tempting to buy your cats a bunch of treats for the Happy Cat Month, but you need to prioritize their health over everything else because a happy cat is always a healthy one. And please, please, please plan a trip to the vet. This is not the kind of idea your feline will enjoy. (If your pet cat doesn’t throw a tantrum on every visit to the vet, are they even normal?) Have a checkup, find out what foods and diets are best for your cats. Frequent visits to the vet will help you to identify and cure any medical problems that the cuto catto might have early. Also, get preventive medications to keep your felines parasite-free even if your cat stays indoors.

 Anyways, invest some money into some tasty cat treats to show your cats how much they mean to you 😻💞🐾.

1.   Gifts? No… A LOT OF GIFTS

Gifts are the ultimate tokens of affections. I mean which cat on earth doesn’t absolutelyyyy love them? (Even if they don’t show it, trust me, they love it.) Giving gifts is one of the easiest ways to make a cat happy, not only emotionally but also physically and mentally. And you don’t have to buy them super expensive gifts. Literally, cats’ the favorite things are just simple cardboard boxes, paper sacks, prey toys etc. But if you are feeling rich and generous, then get them some heated pads, a cool scratching post (saves your couch too!) or this Adorable And Fluffy Banana Shaped Cat Bed for extra comfortable resting.

Having a reliable cat sitter to care for your cat while you're away is another great way to show them how much you care about them. A local cat sitting service can deliver reliable and professional care.

Yet, TBH, the best gift you can give to your furry friend is a playmate. Cats are social animals and there are thousands of cats in shelter homes just waiting to get adopted. Adopt another cat from the local shelter, give your furball a friend and watch them both growing them together like best buddies.

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmund Freud (Yeah…I don’t think he actually said that)

1.   Train Them To Do Some Pro Tricks

Cats are smart, intelligent pets—their laziness prevents them from taking over the earth—and you can train them (just like you train dogs) to do some really awesome circus tricks. Training them is a fun activity and the mental stimulation is wonderful for cats growth. And because cats are food-oriented pets, you can make them work for their food.

This is a great exercise to beat cat obesity too. Learn some tricks from the internet or YouTube. Get a piece string, or a laser and some catnip (WARNING: really small amounts of catnip!) and get on with it. This will not only keep them entertained, but also keep their immunity intact. Doing tricks can also do wonders to strengthen your paternal bond with your cats. Teach them to shake, sit on command, and jump through hoops and then show off to your pet-less friends. HUH!


To conclude this article, we’ll leave you with some wise words from my pet cat: “Meowww. Meeeeeow…Meooooooow. MEOW!” Good luck with the translation 😸.

 …ppssttt email us if you really want to know what this means.


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