December is Cat Lover's Month!

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It's Time to Celebrate Our Never-Ending Love Fur Cats

Cats are the reason we wake up every day (well, how can’t we when they are clawing on your blankets at five in the morning and demanding their breakfast rather loudly?!) 

They’re also the reason we go to sleep peacefully— with the heartwarming sound of purring and the tiniest flicker of hope that tomorrow, they’ll spare us some extra minutes of sleep.

Then why shouldn’t we cherish and celebrate every opportunity to show our love for our feline fur balls? WE ABSOLUTELY SHOULD and that’s why we’ll make the most of Cat Lover's Month, too! 

December was given the honor to celebrate the love for their highness Felis Catus (which is maybe the Latin scientific name for cats) as well as ailurophiles (which is definitely a fancy Greek name for cat lovers like us).

This month was probably chosen so that we don’t get too caught up in Christmas celebrations and forget to give our furry friends the appropriate amount of attention—and also because your Christmas tree doesn’t deserve to suffer the wrath of an attention-starved kitty. Hehehehe *nervous laughs*

 Regardless, this is the month to celebrate and we have for you:

· A bunch of amazing facts such as the signs of a cat’s love 

· Pawsome ways to celebrate this month 

· And an inordinate amount of cat puns. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist)

10 Signs You Are An Obsessed Cat Lover (And 5 Signs Your Cat Loves You Back)

10 Signs That Cats Own Your Life

1. You greet every cat you come across in the street. (Hello, little fluff ball of cuteness!)

2. You have officially accepted your cat as a family member and you go feral on anyone who treats them claw-fully. 

3. You aren’t bothered by cat hair (litter-ally) everywhere.

4. Your house looks like a recycling center because of the cardboard boxes, (I mean, we all love to see our little fluffy babies cuddled up in a box and having the time of their lives) and also like a homeless shelter because of the number of random beds and blankets lying around - Simply because cats can sleep in places where it is physically impossible to do so and you keep trying to make these places comfortable.

5. You hate taking your cat to the vet and you consider all vets an unnecessary evil. 

6. All your apparel and décor reflect your love (read: obsession) for felines.

7. On weekends, you prefer to stay indoors rather than going out and partying because you want to spend all of your free time with your furry babies.

8. Working from home with a cat is a nightmare, but you bear it because you love them.

9. You love dressing them up, especially in winter.

10. You only trust the people your cat approves of, or at least tolerates.

5 Signs They Love You Back

1. They greet you at your door and (sometimes) tag along when you go out. 

2. They stare (don’t freak out, this a good sign!), meow affectionately, knead or slowly blink at you (Cat experts have proven that these actions are actually a cat’s way of showing affection).

3. They occasionally like to groom and head-butt you (if they do this, they have marked you as their territory, better act like it).

4. They thump on your bedroom door until you open it and then sleep beside (more like, on top) of you.

5. They bring you gifts! (Come on, they aren’t evil for bringing dead birds, it's just their way of saying “I love you enough to share my wins with you”).

Celebrating Cat Month

I think we have given you plenty of reasons to ignite your love for cats. Let’s put that love into action! Here’s what you can do to celebrate Cat Lovers’ Month!

  • Spend quality time with them, give them super fun toys, and play games with them. These games are known to satisfy cats’ predatory instincts like hunting, climbing, etc. This will also build their intelligence and confidence.
  • Hire a pet portraitist to immortalize the exquisite beauty of your feline! Or maybe… you can just take a bunch of selfies with them.
  • No occasion is complete without cat merch! and if you can’t find the purrfect merch you should head over to our Pawz Chic gist store. We have a wide and incredible collection of cat-themed attire and accessories to express your devotion and fondness for feline glory. The best part? With every purchase, Pawz Chic will support charities and animal shelters with 5% of their sales. 
  • Feed them lots of their favorite (but healthy!) foods and treats.
  • Holidays are all about decorations, and your cats love to play with (cough *destroy* cough) all the decorations. But there are some things such as fragile glass ornaments, pine needs, ivy, and mistletoe, which can be harmful to the kitties, so make sure to keep them out of their reach.
  • If, un-fur-tunately, you have to be away from your furry babies for holidays you must ensure that your cat is not left in an unsafe or unloving environment. Hire a local, qualified, professional cat sitter to care for your cat when you have to be away from home.
  • Connect with cat lovers. Visit a feline-themed café. Join an online community. Throw a cat party—a “carty”.
  • Get your furry friends some catnip toys, plants, or food sprinkled with it. 
  • Learn about cat psychology so that you can connect to them on a deeper level. 
  • Teach kids how to treat them properly.
  • Utilize social media to post pictures of your cats, spread awareness about adopting homeless kitties, and share some pawsome facts (and pun-tastic jokes).
  • And last, but not least, an activity that you should put into action is giving back to the cat community. Here’s how:

This Cat Lover's Month, Make A Difference

This doesn’t have to be big, just a little step toward bringing a lot of pawsitivity in this world. 

If you could adopt, that would be pawsome, but even if you can’t, there are a whole lot of other ways help. There are many animal shelters and other non-profit organizations committed to providing loving care to abandoned and abused cats and other animals. Reach out to your local animal shelter and see what you can do to help. 

One of the best things you can do is volunteer at your local cat/animal shelter. You can be a professional cuddler (I know it sounds too good to be true!), help with the cleaning, donate items, fulfill the shelter’s wish list, become a cat taxi and take them to the vets. Some shelters use Amazon’s wishlist feature to reach out to people with their needs, you can donate to them.

The kind of joy and contentment you get from these activates is truly unparalleled. (fur real).

So, how do you plan on spending this month?

P.S. Meowy Christmas! 


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