Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

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Cats have been the best companions and cuddle buddies. They are always by our side, even when no one else is. They make us feel we have someone whom we can talk to, and they’ll listen to us for hours without making fun of us or mocking us. They are the most lovable companions who will love us no matter what. September 1st marks the appreciation of these gloriously subtle cats – Ginger Cats.

Some fun facts about Ginger Cats:

  • These Cats are mostly male. A study shows that only 1 out of 5 ginger cats is found to be female.
  • According to a myth, most of these Cats are found to be containing letter M on their forehead due to their encounter with Jesus.
  • Their coats come in four beautifully distinct patterns. While most ginger tabbies are known for their stripes, their coat can also have whorl or spot patterns.
  • These are Cats with many well-known names. Gingy, Ginger, Tabby, and Marmalade are some of the adorable names for these pets.
  • Kitties with Freckles and Pretty Pink Noses. These are the adorable creatures with adorable freckles and pretty pink noses.
  • A Ginger Cat can put on weight easily. They can eat anything, but it’s as strong as any other cat.
  • These Cats can be found in a variety of breeds. This Ginger is a color and not a breed.
  • These Cats are playful and full of joy. They keep their owners happy and busy.
Why celebrate this day?

Most of us love cats as pets, but due to our hectic schedule, we are unable to give them the attention and care they deserve, so this day gives us an occasion to remember to love them and honor them - To spend time playing with them and to spoil them.

These orange tabbies are a beautiful breed yet under-loved by many. Many people favor pure white cats and ignore these attractive buddies, who love humans and who want to be loved in return. Among their most lovable qualities is their love and devotion to their owners. These cats will be there to listen to you when you are stressed and when you need someone by your side.

Ginger cats have been ridiculed and ignored throughout history and some people are even hesitant to adopt them. Unbeknownst to many, they are exuberant and friendly. According to ginger cat enthusiasts, their ginger cats have a straightforward going nature, are joyful and tranquil and quite dog-like in terms of their temper.

Ginger kittens are born carrying their distinctive coat. They are significantly friendly and straightforward going even as kittens.

How to celebrate Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Celebrate This Ginger Cat Appreciation Day by spending quality time with your cats. Spoil them with gifts, cuddle with them and love them.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is about celebrating the lives of these adorable little creatures. Ginger cats, also known as orange tabbies, are sweet-natured and will love you and make you fall in love with them over and over again. They are among the most active and joyful creatures. They will keep you occupied by diverting your attention from the stresses of your day and free you from your worries. You will never get bored with a ginger cat!

So celebrate this day with your ginger cat by doing for her as she would do for you! Shower her with love, affection, gifts and playtime!


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