Happy National Kitten Day

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Feline lovers celebrate July 10th as National Kitten Day! Domesticated and loved by millions of people around the globe, these adorable little creatures finally managed to have a holiday named after them. This day was long overdue and feline lovers understand why. We celebrate this day not only because we love our cats but also because we understand that every cat in the world deserves the same love and appreciation that we have for our own cats. The main objective of this day is to create awareness of the plight of homeless cats and to help them find homes, or at the very least, to show them the love and sympathy that they deserve.

Cats and Humans

All of us at least once in our lives have been in awe of the beauty and innocence of cats. They are the cuddliest creatures to ever exist. Some myths suggest that cats be conceited and smug about the love they receive, but we don't really believe this. Even if they are conceited because of the love we give them, they still deserve every ounce of it, and we are ready to give them our love and appreciation, even if we don't get anything in return! Their prettiest eyes hold nothing but love, appreciation, and possessiveness for their master; or do they make us just think that? Whatever the case may be, this isn't going to affect our endless infatuation with them!

The Importance of Cats In Our Lives
The significance of this day is to celebrate the joy cats bring to our lives and to give back to the cat community that same love, in whatever way possible, as a gesture of our gratefulness. These mockingbirds have been making our lives better in ways that we may not even realize. Many bloggers during the lockdowns have been writing articles about how their pets (especially cats and dogs) have been so helpful to them in dealing with anxiety, loneliness and depression during these difficult periods. Being cut off from the entire world and the human community, many people experienced mental illnesses because of the overwhelming emotional toll it had on them. Everyone dealt with their situation in their own different and unique ways; by talking therapists, yoga, exercise, etc. Many people chose to spend more time with their pets as a form of therapy and the results were amazing! These situations show us that we owe cats a great deal. They are the silent friends who have witnessed our most vulnerable states and our happiest moments and have provided us invaluable support and calm with only their presence.
How To Celebrate This Day?
July 10th is not just another day on our calendar. The purpose of this day is to bring about change and to create awareness. While we are taking good care of the kittens we have at home, we also need to remember the many homeless cats that need homes and to educate people about the importance of adopting shelter cats. Many NGOs are working tirelessly to promote this cause but the number of homeless cats is still ever so great.
Many cats are abandoned every day and they desperately need a loving home. Be the change that you want to see the world and consider adopting a cat. If you are unable to adopt a cat, do your part by educating your friends and family members on the importance of adopting shelter cats. Take care of these amazing creatures and your soul will thank you for it!


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