June 24th: World Cat Domination Day!

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Cats and humans; a one-sided love story

We all know how the human race is obsessed with cats. This innocent-looking creature would just look at you and steal all the attention you offer. Since day 1, humans and cats have been best friends but they are quite the dominating friend; you have to take care of them, love them, pamper them, and bear their unnecessary attitude. Still, you cannot complain because they do not think they need you; you need them. And also, the good looks, a cherry on top!!

If you think about it, we humans are like dogs to cats. Like a dog who would go the extra mile to do things for us, a dog that would never give up on us no matter what, we do the same for cats. In the disguise of our favorite pet, they have made us their servants and now they are ready to take over the whole world. Humans, being the helpless and hopeless love freaks, would give them the world to take over, if they ask without even batting an eyelash.

Cat World Domination Day

That’s right, you have read it completely right, there is Cat World Domination Day. Even though they dominate every aspect of our everyday life, many thought it of utmost importance that a day like this is put on the world calendar.

24th June was declared as the cat world domination day by Sparkle Cat. It was announced on her birthday and ever since feline lovers couldn't be happier. Everything started about 9 years ago in 2012 by a blog's predecessor, Sparkle. This day was created to be dedicated to cats fully and spent trying to please them in every way possible; which is nothing new because we do that every day, anyway. Sparkle celebrated only 3 World Cat Domination Days and passed away knowing full well she had created something her fellow cat community would love and cherish forever. She would have even won the elections if she were here by the immense amount of love and respect the cat community would give her. Ever since that day, World Cat Domination Day is celebrated every year by feline lovers all over the world and Sparkle Cat. Giveaways are announced, gifts are distributed and in short, cats are showered with every kind of love and gratitude for blessing us with their existence.

Many studies were conducted on cats and their DNA to understand their nature and behavior. Many shocking revelations were made based on these studies. The studies tell us that it is not our idea to pet cats; they were never domesticated by us. They choose us to pet them and for us they made it look like it was our idea, which it was not.  Everything has to do with their cute and cuddly looks. No matter how many times they attack us with their claws, bite us, we just cannot stop loving them. And it’s all part of their master plan to make us bow down in front of them and accept them as our masters.

What you can do on this day to make your cat happy?

Are you also among those who are afraid of this day? And what might happen to you if your cat gets angry with you on this day? We have come up with several tricks and treats which would help you make your cat happy on their big day.

So, on this World Domination Day, you need to be the best servant to your beloved pet cats.  If you have a cat, you are already in their complete grasp but we can surely pretend it was our idea to celebrate this day to makes our cats happier. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, that’s how they have wanted it to be since the beginning.

Make sure you buy those cute gifts, it will surely reduce your chances of being the cause of their wrath on their big day. Be ready to serve them all day, and if you see any signs of displeasure on their face; RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.


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